Welcome to the UAE Etiquette &
Protocol Challenge

Under the UAE Etiquette and Protocol Challenge, Finishing Touch is bringing you one of the most upgrading challenges of all time to change your life and upgrade you to a better version of yourself!

With the coach, NourKouri, a Royal Etiquette Consultant with more than 35 years of experience, Founder of the First Etiquette Academy in the Middle East, Diplomatic Protocol Expert, Social Skills and Keynote Speaker. And Hasnae Taleb, An Economist, Financial Analyst and Ph.D in economics in progress.

Our mission is to provide excellence and behavioral know-how, so you can always present your best foot forward. Whether in a corporate setting, social or diplomatic, we would help you to become… the best version of You!

Do you have a problem with what to wear in a very important event you are waiting for, or how to talk and behave? And you are wondering from where to start? We are here to help you and guide you by bringing you more than 35 years of experience in etiquette and protocol.

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