Tips for furnishing, and decorating different rooms of your home

1. Introduction

  • Understanding Different Styles.
  • How to Discover the Design that Fits your Tastes and Lifestyle
  • Tips to Make a Very Positive First Impression of Your Home

2. The Basics of Colour and Hue

  • The Colour Wheel.
  • The Harmony
  • The Impacts and Meanings of Colours and How Colour Affects the Ambiance of an Interior

3. Material Classified

  • Recognition of Different Material.
  • Textile Upholstery – Different Type of Fabrics
  • Different types of Flooring
  • Different type of Wall Covering / Wood / Paint

4. Planning Your Space

  • Floor Layout, Learn How to Sketch a Room.
  • How Flooring Affects the Usability and Décor of a Room
  • Learn How to Furnish a New Space
  • Learn How to Refurnish Your Existing Home to Keep it Trendy

5. Tips for Furnishing and Decorationg the Different Rooms of Your Home

  • Home Entrance
  • Living Rooms and Receptions
  • Dinning Rooms
  • Bedroom
  • Study Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Storage and Organization

6. Accessorize Your Home

  • Room Accessories
  • Lamp, Pillows and their accessories
  • Learn How to Furnish a New Space
  • The Finishing Touch
  • Interior Do’s and Donts